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Stonebriar Announces Credit Facility Growth

Dallas, TX – May [14], 2024

Stonebriar Finance Holding LLC (“Stonebriar”) announced its completion of significant increases and extensions to its primary credit facilities as it positions itself for continued growth.    In April, Stonebriar increased the size of its unsecured revolving credit facility to over $500 million and extended the facility’s maturity date to April 2027.    Subsequently, Stonebriar increased the size of its secured credit facility to $2 billion and extended the facility’s maturity date to May 2028.   Several new lenders joined Stonebriar’s existing lender group in support of the activities.

Dave B. Fate, Stonebriar CEO, said: “Stonebriar continues to position itself to take advantage of strong market conditions and the shift to private credit.   With this additional funding capacity, we will continue to provide mission-critical financing solutions to our customers.   Certainty of funding is crucial to our customers, and Stonebriar stands out in the industry for its unparalleled ability to provide it.   Approaching $7 billion of owned and serviced assets and the 10-year mark of operations, Stonebriar’s focus on our customers and their success remains at the center of everything we do.”

Stonebriar was pleased to partner with the Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of America to restructure the two facilities.    Stonebriar was advised by Vedder Price LLP.

About Stonebriar:  Stonebriar, an Eldridge business, originates and services a portfolio of lease and loan products secured by essential income-producing assets across the credit spectrum.  Based in Plano, TX, Stonebriar’s portfolio serves as a catalyst for the U.S. economy by providing capital needed in key sectors including manufacturing, marine, aviation, rail, energy, and real estate.  To learn more about Stonebriar, please visit

About Eldridge: Eldridge Industries invests in businesses across the Insurance, Asset Management, Technology, Mobility, Sports & Gaming, Media, Real Estate, and Consumer landscapes. The firm seeks to build and grow businesses led by proven management teams that have demonstrated leadership and experience to scale an enterprise. Eldridge Industries is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with additional offices in Beverly Hills, New York, and London. To learn more about Eldridge Industries, please visit

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