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2021 New Year’s Letter from CEO Dave B. Fate

Despite the unprecedented challenges this year has brought, there are many things to be thankful for.  SCF has continued to diligently serve our customers, strategic partners and most importantly, our Employees and their Families.  As we put 2020 behind us, we optimistically look forward to a New Year!  I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to those involved in the success here at SCF.

Customers: Thank you for entrusting us as a financial partner for your companies, employees, and communities. You all have faced and adapted to many challenges this year.  We are grateful for the relationships we have with each of you.

Strategic Partners: Thank you for partnering with us. Without your support, time, investment, and energy, we would not be able to do what we do and help the people we do. It is a pleasure to work with you all.

Investors: Thank you for your trust in us, and in our mission to serve our customers. Your support has been instrumental to the success here.  With your support we are confident that we will not only endure but emerge even stronger in 2021 and beyond.

Employees, Families, & Friends: Thank you for all your hard work, drive, and flexibility this year. At this time of remembrance and gratitude, I want to personally thank you for being an instrumental part of what we do at SCF. Without all of your support and encouragement, we would not be where we are today!

Together – all of us make Stonebriar Commercial Finance what it is.  And for that, I am deeply thankful, and excited for the New Year to come. It is a true joy to work with you all.  Happy New Year!

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