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Stonebriar Commercial Finance closes a $30 million lease

Stonebriar Commercial Finance announced the closing of a $30 million sale and leaseback with an industry leading producer and marketer of agricultural, mining and industrial chemicals.  The lease proceeds, based on an in-place and in-continued-use fair market valuation, supported the retirement of prior indebtedness and created incremental liquidity to be used by the lessee for general corporate purposes.  This closing represents the third capital commitment by Stonebriar to the lessee.

The leased assets, essential to efficient plant operations and optimal output, comprise a 30,000-ton atmospheric and cryogenic ammonia storage tank system.

Reagan Rorschach, Stonebriar managing director, stated, “We are proud of our track record with this valued client and grateful for its continued trust and confidence.  The long-term viability of the leased asset, plant and more broadly – the business, enabled us to execute quickly on a structure that created the liquidity sought by the client.” Ron Linn, Stonebriar investment manager, added, “Consistent with the previous closings, this transaction benefitted from tenured management, meaningful capital investment, strong plant level performance and integral assets critical to continued operational efficiencies.”

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